Saturday, February 07, 2009

Please Excuse Me While I Puke in Your Bathroom

Today was the first Saturday I've had to myself in a month. I hadn't gotten nearly enough sleep all week and was looking forward to sleeping in. So when I looked at the clock and saw that it was 11:45am I was pretty pleased. I rolled out of bed, thinking I had time for a quick trip to the gym before I had to get ready and leave for a hair appointment, but soon realized that I wouldn't be making it to the gym.

I wasn't feeling so hot. My stomach wasn't interested in doing anything other than sitting still.

But I really wanted a haircut. I had been thinking about it for weeks and finally just motivated myself to actually pick a salon and make an appointment yesterday. So, I skipped the gym and slowly got ready for the day. I even grabbed a bowl of Cheerios thinking that maybe my stomach was upset because I hadn't eaten in 17 hours.

After I got to the salon the nausea grew stronger and stronger. She was only half-way done styling my hair - I had started sweating profusely (the blow drying didn't help) and watched in the mirror as my face turned whiter and whiter. She asked me what I liked to do for fun and as I tried to answer I had to stop and say, "I'm sorry, I'm not feeling so great. Do you know where the nearest bathroom is and could I get a glass of water?". The bathroom was right next to us and she unsnapped my cape so I could make a quick getaway if necessary. I think she was nervous. I would have been.

She finally finished and I immediately walked to the bathroom and threw up my Cheerios. Several times. I hate throwing up, but it's even worse (not to mention embarrassing) doing it in a public restroom. The good news was that it's a pretty nice salon, so the bathroom was probably cleaner than my own.

I'm pretty sure I made an awesome first impression.

Oh, and when I say I got my hair cut, I mean really cut. I told her that I just wanted a couple inches off to clean everything up, but that I was open to suggestions since my hair has been pretty blah for a while. She told me that I had a "really pretty neck" and that I might want to think about going shorter. A pretty neck, eh? I've never thought of necks being pretty or ugly (unless we're talking about the guy I sat behind in 9th grade US History...gross), but I'll take what I can get so I told her to go for it.

This is what my hair looked like yesterday on the way to Bellingham:
And this is what it looks like today:
I'm undecided but am leaning toward liking it. We'll see how it looks on a day when I have to do it myself and I haven't spent the day either bent over the toilet or laying in bed.


Kourtni said...

Super cute hair! Sorry you weren't feeling well. Way to buck up and still be productive though

Mark said...

Totally hot. (The new hair, not the vomiting)

Jenny said...

i really like it!!! sorry about being sick- hope you're feeling better now!

ruthie said...

I really like it. It's super cute!

Anastasia said...

That cut looks so good on you!

I threw up in the bathroom at school once, I know it's like 100 times worse in a public restroom!
I hope you're feeling better :)

Anonymous said...

SO cute!!! my hair may be joining you soon. i am growing it out, and since it was cut at an angle, she is cutting it from the shortest end to even it up.

ugh!!! so sorry you threw up! how horrible! i had the same thing a few sunday's ago! ate some cereal to help it, and it made it worse. crazy.

hope you're feeling better and lovin your hair! it's SO cute!

Em said...


Hate the puking part. Been there, done that. Sadly.

Wendy. They call me seabass. said...

You were just taking advantage of a 'full service salon'. No harm, no foul. Carry on.

Annie said...

totally cute steph.

Sarah said...

First of all, I love the hair. Adorable. Second, I totally feel for you on the puking thing. It's the worst ever. But I promise that cheerios come up a lot better than, say, Indian food. Good luck doing the hair on your own. Always the biggest challenge.

Lindsay Jane said...

Looks like you went for a little lip injection as well. :)

stephanielynn said...

Thanks, all! I'm feeling great.

And Lindsay, it was a haircut/lip injection combo. Steal of a deal.