Tuesday, July 26, 2011


There's always a large chance that there will be confusion when making a visit to the nail salon. And I got a little dose of it while I was getting a mani/pedi today.

But first, let me clear something up. Some of you may have seen this tweet earlier and are now questioning my Twitter honesty, since I clearly stated below that I was cancelling a mani/pedi today.
Both are true. I had to cancel a mani/pedi with co-workers because I didn't go into work today (or yesterday) because I haven't been feeling well. BUT I really had my heart set on it. And I had been holding out for a couple weeks on going on my own because I knew this one was coming up. And my toes were looking rough. So I just went and got one at my usual place.

There. Now you know.

So there I was, Nail Man doing my toes and Lee working on my hands, when she noticed the book I was reading, To Kill A Mockingbird.

She got really disgusted and began saying that something was really annoying but I couldn't understand what. Sensing my confusion she pointed to the bird on the cover and said, "I hate that bird. They're always at my house going KNOCK, KNOCK, KNOCK." [Insert knocking hand motion here.]

Not having much experience with mockingbirds, I just smiled in some sort of agreement. Then she added, "And always leaving holes. So annoying."

It was then that I realized she was talking about woodpeckers. We just went with it.

To Kill a Woodpecker just doesn't have the same ring to it.

Sunday, July 24, 2011


-I went to church and it was one of those days where it felt as though everything being taught was prepared specifically for me. I needed that.
-I spent an hour after church catching up with my ex-roomie. Since we no longer live together we've started hugging again. It just felt unnecessary before.
-The weather was very near perfect and I spent the afternoon at Greenlake with lovely people. I fell asleep in the sun and it was wonderful. I only wish I had been wearing less clothing. (For tanning purposes, of course.)
-I took a Round 2 nap in the early evening. It felt right.
-I remembered that I desperately needed to do laundry. So I did.
-I spent the remainder of my evening on a rooftop overlooking the Puget Sound. Again, the weather was perfect. If I could have high-five'd it, I would have.
-Today was a good day.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

mystery solved.

Good news! I'm not crazy*!

This morning on my way to work I got a text from my sister: "I have the answer to your lost memory!"
And then she was MIA for nearly four hours.
FOUR HOURS! (I was dying.)
But (!) in the end she solved the mystery.

In 2007 I took a trip to California for my birthday(ish) to see Wicked & Ellen. My sister, Julie, and her friend, Audrey, decided they would drive over from Arizona and meet us in LA for the show. After seeing the show on Saturday we drove to the home of Audrey's aunt and uncle and spent Sunday evening with them. (Do you see where I'm going with this?) We had Sunday dinner with them and after dinner we made pizookie's and played Apples to Apples.

I was right!
We made individual pizookies.
I was at someones aunt and uncle's house.
We had traveled to get there.

The bits and pieces were there; at least enough to jog Julie's memory when she read it.

This case is closed, my friends.

*At least not in this case.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

sneak peek: canada edition.

Why did I post this really bad picture of myself as the sneak peek of my weekend jaunt to Canada?
Thank you for asking.

1. Am I standing in the middle of the river or am I not? It's hard to say, really.
2. The water! The rocks! The green! British Columbia really is beautiful. Even in the rain.
3. Note the hood + umbrella. Did it save my hair? No, no it did not. In the words of AB, "Resistance is futile." We were all looking like drowned rats by the time this particular adventure was over (especially me).
4. My face in this photo kind of makes me laugh. I like to think of all the things I could possibly have been saying at that moment.
5. I would never use this picture in a normal post, so for the sake of not duplicating it was the winner.

*I'm having trouble downloading photos onto my computer. You know, because my hard drive has been full for, oh, two years. So once I put another band-aid on it, you should buckle your seat belts.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

it's thursday.

  • I'm disappointed that no one has come forward with information regarding the Unsolved Memory Mystery. The only other explanation is that I made it up. Which I guess is possible.
  • I saw Gillian Welch perform last night. No opener. Just two people on a nearly empty stage with two guitars, a banjo and a harmonica. All good things.
  • Two years ago I first listened to Gillian and thought she was too "country" for me. My how things have changed.
  • The audience was more than 50% old-ish folks. Definitely much older than the crowds I was used to. But oh how they were loving on Gillian.
  • We sat next to a super smelly man. His stench was attacking my nostrils, which makes me wonder why the people he was with didn't tell him? Or how can he not smell himself? Questions I will never have the answer to.
  • I participated in a mud run with obstacles last weekend. It was not nearly muddy enough, but still fun. Things it reaffirmed: I still don't like running. I have to talk myself into getting dirty.
  • My body is covered in the absolute worst bruises I've ever had. I may or may not have actually considered for a tiny, baby moment that there was internal bleeding going on. A picture text to a friend reassured me that I was not dying.
  • I am in possession of 36 mason jars. 
  • I went to Home Depot last week and bought wood. And built something.
  • On my Home Depot trip I forgot to purchases nails. No matter, we scavenged the walls of my garage and found a few that would do the trick.
  • I've been living alone for a week. It's strange, but not strange.
  • The strangest part is the fact that the only room in the entire house that has furniture is my bedroom.
  • Last night before the show we ate a picnic-like dinner in the car instead of going out to eat. It was kind of refreshing.
  • The shocking thing is that I provided the food. You know what that means? I actually had food in my house to put together some sort of meal.
  • Which leads me to this: I finally bought a few groceries this week. A few.
  • I've been planning LL's bridal shower and tonight's the night. It won't be as extravagant as her dinner parties, but it should still be fun.
  • On a related note, it's hard to make the vision you have in your head a reality. It's so much better in my head!
  • I'm going to Vancouver, BC tomorrow. I've been trying to convince someone to go with me for two years. It shouldn't have taken this long.
  • I'm going to a soccer game while I'm there. That makes three soccer games in the last couple months. I guess I love soccer now.
  • Google+ isn't very exciting to me.
  • I'm addicted to chips and guacamole from Chipotle. In fact, I think I will eat some for lunch.
  • I'm pretty sure I've decided I want to go skydiving for my birthday. I'm probably the last person you thought you'd hear that from.
  • One response: "Kills me how the girl that won't step foot in a swimming pool wants to jump out of an airplane." I should not be underestimated.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


CW: I see that we're connected on Google+.
Me: Yup, I have you in my Co-Worker circle.
CW: That is weak!
Me: Should I move you over to Friends?
CW: Nope, don't even bother.

I just can't win with co-workers on social networks.

Wednesday, July 06, 2011


I have a memory that started crawling to the surface on Sunday afternoon that I just can't place.
LL mentioned making individual cookies in ramekins.

And there it was.

I was in a kitchen making an individual cookie in an apple shaped dish.
We were standing at a kitchen island.
The fridge was behind me.
The sink directly in front of me on the other side of the island.
The cookie dough had already been made and was in a large bowl.
I have no idea who I was with, a friend of some sort, and I think the house we were at belonged to a relative of this friend. Aunt & Uncle, I think.
There were lots of people in this family.
We had traveled to get there.
I can't remember if we slept at this house, but I think it was big and fancy-ish.

For the life of me I can't remember who I was with or where this place was. It's been bothering me for days.

And then tonight, just before drifting off to sleep I remembered another detail.
We played Apples to Apples while our cookies baked.
In the living room that was off to the right of where I was standing in the kitchen.

Please, dear internet friends, if you have any recollection of this fill in the blanks.
Because right now? I feel like a crazy person.

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

old mother hubbard.

Old Mother Hubbard
Went to the cupboard
To get her poor doggie a bone,
When she got there
The cupboard was bare
So the poor little doggie had none.

Except the doggie is actually me.
And the bone is any sort of edible human food.

Not only is my house void of any furniture. The cupboards are also void of food. And dishes. And utensils.

CC came home yesterday after spending some time in Japan and we had the following conversation over gchat this morning.

CC: what are you up to for dinner tonight?
Me: no plans. should we eat some deliciousness?
CC: obviously yes. seeing as there is nothing in the house.
CC: which begs the question: what have you been eating and how?

She asks a very good question.
The Answer: Restaurants. And I know kind people that have taken pity on me.

Don't worry. I have big plans to suck it up and grocery shop this week.
[For those unaware, I loathe grocery shopping.]
Until then, granola bars and string cheese will tide me over just fine.