Sunday, April 08, 2012

the challenge.

I'm about to compare life to an MTV show. Get excited. Or scared.

There's a show on MTV that I still sort of love - in fact, it's the only show on MTV that I still sort of love.
The Challenge.
The premise is simple: Teams completing challenges for money or points or voting power and trying to stay in the game to compete in the Final Challenge. Winning the Final Challenge is where all the money is to be made.

The Final Challenge is typically a footrace of several miles where contestants stop at checkpoints along the way to complete some sort of task. However, during this race a time limit is given for these checkpoints and if the competitors don't complete the task within a certain amount of time, they get to move on.

I was thinking tonight that the producers of this show might be on to something. And that it might be nice if the trials of life were aligned a little more closely with MTV.

Yes, I just typed that.

I mean, you can struggle and work and try your best to get through a hard situation. You do all of the things you can think of to make it through. You try to figure out what it is you need to learn. But sometimes it feels like you can only muddle along for so long, right? Like if you haven't figured out what you're supposed learn by now it's unlikely you ever will, so let's just move on. Better luck next time, Champ.

Hey Universe, I think I've reached the time limit. Let's move on to something else.