Monday, October 31, 2011

totes creepin'.

There was an infographic on Mashable today about how cellphones are influencing students' lives and one of the stats made me laugh.
The end.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

the sunset's just my lightbulb burning out.

I had a date with Ryan Adams last night.
Well, it was Ryan, me and 2,499 other people.
It was a bit of a crowd, but I think we really hit it off.

Things started off right when he opened with my favorite song.
(Unfortunately, it was sans Emmylou Harris.)

And obviously I fell in love with him.
He was singing me beautiful songs (with harmonica!) and he was funny. Like really funny.
Clearly I had no choice but to fall in love with him.

As I was realizing this, CC and I had the following conversation:
Me: I'm falling in love right now.
CC: Duh.
Me: That Mandy Moore sure is lucky.
CC: She got one of the last good ones. of the last sad, sad, drug addict* good ones.
CC: It's fine.

I can't say enough good things about this show and I'm trying not to make a massive list of all the funny things he said that won't be funny to you because you weren't there, but I have to write down a couple:

He began the second song of the set and some people had come in late and were still finding their seats in the second row when he stopped the song and said in a mock whisper, "Where have you been? We've been worried SICK."

After taking a moment between songs to re-situate himself, he said, somewhat under his breath, "Alright, here are more songs about my feelings".

It should be noted that I'm showing restraint right now in not posting more. You're welcome.

Long story short, I was into it. Not a bad way to spend a Friday night.

*For the record, we think he's clean.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

conversation of the day.

CC: He only wrote me the letter to make himself feel better.
Me: That's totally something I'd do.
CC: Fine, write your thoughts down if you have to, but you don't actually give it to the person.
Me: No. I'd totally write it AND actually send it.
CC: Well. You need to stop doing that.

These conversations of the day rarely translate and I feel like this one really doesn't.
But trust me, it was funny.
And I'm a disaster when it comes to relationships. So, there's that.

Monday, October 03, 2011

what happened to september?

My favorite month of the year just flew by.
Although, October is a pretty close second to September.
Here are some things I've been doing/thinking during my blogging absence.

  • I'm in love with the word adorable. In fact, I find the word adorable to be rather adorable. And although there are some people out there who would hate it, I've decided that I would be quite pleased if someone were to use that word to describe me.
  • Speaking of adorable, have you been watching New Girl? Because you should be. Zooey Deschanel is delightful.
  • I bought a rain suit at Costco this weekend. Yes, suit. Jacket and pants. Who wants to go camping in the rain? Because I'm ready.
  • Buying the rain suit prompted me to search for new rain boots. I found these, but cannot find them anywhere online in my size. That's a mean trick, Internet.
  • And while we're talking about online shopping, I'm tempted to buy this shirt. It has the word "bling" in the name soooo, there's that.
  • What I really want is this. But made for a woman. And it should be blue. And the D should be orange. Life is hard sometimes.
  • I've been watching a lot of sports lately and I'm not mad about it. Give me a team to cheer for and things will get intense.
  • I want my nails to always be perfectly painted. Is that too much to ask?
  • My dear friend, Butter, brought me some cider yesterday. She knows I like the cider. Now I just need to obtain some powdered donuts and I will be in heaven.
  • The new season of Dexter started last night. I have a little crush on him.
  • Last week the IT guy took my computer for, what I thought was, a quick fix. A couple hours later I still had no computer and there was a client emergency. I ended up having a co-worker print out documents and a phone list, grabbed a highlighter and started making phone calls. I felt like I was on an episode of Mad Men. How did people get anything done before computers?
  • I saw Bon Iver last week. And thoroughly enjoyed it. 
  • I'm starting to panic about a Halloween costume already. It's a yearly struggle.
As you can see, there's been a lot of deep thinking going on over here.