Tuesday, January 06, 2009

You'll Laugh, You'll Cry

This has to be quick because I'm trying to go to bed at 10:30 every night and it's already 11:05. But I had such a weird night at the gym. There was laughing and crying involved. Which resulted in a confirmation that I'm a lunatic.

I laughed - out loud - at two commercials while on the treadmill. I don't usually watch commercials because of a brilliant invention called TIVO but am now beginning to wonder if I'm missing out. Hmm...probably not.

1. The Orville Redenbacher commercial where the two different parties are serving 100 calorie snacks: Chips vs. Orville Redenbacher Popcorn. The chips party gets more and more grumpy as time goes on because they're so hungry (100 calories worth of chips isn't satisfying) and at one point this exchange happens:
Girl #1: "Nice shirt."
Girl #2: "Nice face."
I was instantly transported back to high school were comments like that were made and where I thought they were hilarious. Apparently I still think they're hilarious.

2. The Subway commercial that shows various people eating burgers and fries and each time they take a bite their buttons pop or they break a chair and crash to the ground. There's just something about people falling down that is SO funny to me. And in slow motion!? Forget it. I might be 12 years old.

The crying came as I was watching tonight's episode of The Biggest Loser. I can't help it! When Dan weighed in and lost 30 pounds the tears just came. Thirty pounds in one week! I was so happy for him. And grandpa Jerry losing 25 pounds and the look of shock on his face. More tears.

I'm sure the people around me thought I was insane. But that's fine because I kind of agree with them.


Cambo said...

Man...how long were you at the gym?

I would have been crackin up if I was at the gym and saw you doing both.

Please just tell me you don't dance to your music on your ipod or sing to it out loud.

Oh and once I really had to hold back the laughter when this little Asian girl started running on the treadmill at too high of a speed and she ended up flying off the treadmill. Too funny. I laughed in my car all the way to work that morning since I had to hold back the laughter at the gym.

Good time.

Bev said...

I cried during that episode too Steph.