Sunday, June 29, 2014

Sunday (12.7.09)

Sunday was good. Nothing special happened, just lots of little things that made me appreciate the day.

In the first hour of church a girl was sharing some of her thoughts and she talked about how one day last week when she was on the bus, instead of "silently judging" those around her, she felt a deeper appreciation for those that share her space.

I liked the way she phrased it. And it made me think about those people that share my space.

My bus driver that could be Andy Dick's twin.
The woman that sells me Vitamin Water every morning.
The man on the corner of 1st and Marion with the SMILE sign.

All of these people share my space. They are part of my world.


[2014: I don't know exactly where I was going with this post, but I started to think about who I share my space with now...

My neighbors who appear on their porch the minute anyone is coming or going from our house.
Demetrius, the security guard in my building who says good night to me every evening.
The guy working the drive-thru at McDonald's that takes my "large Diet Coke" order on the regular.
The guy in my building that I worked with several years ago, but is always so happy to see me.

I think what I wanted to say was, these people are a part of my world so instead of looking for the fault in others, I should just embrace them and the fact that we are sharing this weird, awesome life.]

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