Sunday, June 29, 2014

If you have something to say... (11.24.09)

...say it to me now.

I saw The Swell Season this weekend and I think my mind may have been blown. It was one of the best shows I've been to...possibly ever. I felt like I just sat and stared with my mouth hanging open for two hours.

Earlier in the weekend I had the chance to go to a free Brandi Carlile show at Easy Street Records. I was tired after a very long week and I think time actually slowed down for the 90 minutes we waited for the show to start, but it ended up being a good time. Below is a video of my favorite song off her new record. The beginning is cut off and it's better with percussion, but you get the idea.

[2014: I was so delighted to find this post in my drafts because I've recently been telling people about The Swell Season show from 2009 and how I think it's still my favorite to date. I just remember sitting in Benaroya Hall on the edge of my seat, hardly able to wait for what was coming next. There were times when the crowd would sing along and I could feel it in my soul. Sounds dramatic, but is true.

Last month I re-watched ONCE and then saw the musical version a few days later at the Paramount. I will admit that I prefer the movie - Glen Hansard cannot be topped in my book - but the way they put the show together and had everyone actually playing the instruments on stage was great.

My obsession has continued and, just this week, I watched the documentary The Swell Season. For some reason, I can't get enough of those two.]

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