Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Lists: Better Than an Eating Disorder

When my life gets a little crazy, I find that making a good list helps me feel like I have control over something. Some people choose eating disorders to gain control. I choose lists. (That wasn't funny, was it?)

+I'm ridiculously behind on TV. And when I say behind I mean that I just don't watch it. I know, I know...my priorities are completely out of whack. But have no fear, Grey's Anatomy is something there is always time for.

+I have a new bus boyfriend. One day I'll tell him. For now he'll just be known as "Cute Bus Boy Who Reads". Maybe my standards are low, but I'm impressed by a man that reads for fun.

+Halloween. It happened. I was stressed for days about figuring out a costume and where did all the stress get me? Nowhere. Finally Farah and I decided to be zombie-ish things (an hour after the party had started) but after Cara did my eye make-up the plan changed and I decided to go as an olive. AN OLIVE. Oh boy. To make matters worse, I never took off the half-way finished zombie-ish make-up. So not only was I an olive (Really? An olive?!) but I guess in the end I was a zombie olive.

I know I like to embarrass myself here, but don't be expecting me to post any photos of the disaster. Although, there is one on Facebook and I've been debating for two days about whether or not to untag myself...

Moral of the story: Better luck next year.

+I might have to stop eating M&Ms and/or Skittles because my OCD kicks in and I feel like a crazy person. It's as if the earth might explode if I eat two greens and only one orange. Clearly it would be necessary to even it up with another orange. Even numbers are my friend...and yours.

+A month ago I had a brief love affair with Veronica Mars and watched all three seasons in two weeks. People have been telling me for at least two years that I would love it, but I resisted. And I was shown the error of my ways. Logan was a dreamboat. Albeit an awkward dreamboat.

+I've only seen 1.5 episodes this season, but The Biggest Loser still makes me cry.

+My bus takes a new route on the way to work and instead of driving down 2nd Ave, we take 3rd Ave. It's amazing the difference one block can make, because YIKES. The crazies rock Third Avenue bright and early. It's almost enough to make me stop sleeping on the bus. Almost.

+Emily spent a few days in Seattle and I wish she would just move here already. If she did I would never be short on laughter in my life.

+My job has been on the stressful side lately and I'm not the expert at dealing with stress. One might say I'm a novice. Today I let life get to me and had a mid-afternoon breakdown in the bathroom. No crying involved; just some deep breathing and talking to myself. The usual. But after that I decided that I needed some spiritual uplifting and went to Institute. Definitely a good choice, but unfortunately I wasn't able to escape all that I had hoped.

+I got my haircut on Saturday and I think it might be safe to say, for the first time in nearly a year, that it's not too short. Let's see how long this "growing it out" phase lasts.

+My cat eats all kinds of strings. Shoelaces, drawstrings on pants and his all-time favorite is a hair-tie. Twice I have pulled a tank top out of my laundry basked to find that an entire strap had been eaten. It's a problem.

+I might be complaining about my few weeks of stress but lots of fun things have been happening as well. Maybe I'll rock a photo post in the near future. If you're lucky.


Sarah said...

Sounds like life has been crazy! So, question: How many comments do I need to make on your blog to get you to come visit me? Just wondering...

stephanielynn said...

Sar! I love that you comment on my blog and I would love to come visit you. My last trip was planned 7 months in advance, so that puts us at least at May...:) Hopefully soon!