Saturday, April 11, 2009

Just a Dancing Fool

You know how sometimes you're out and about somewhere and you happen to see someone that piques your interest and you realize you should stop watching them, but you can't?

Written out like that makes it sound extra creepy, doesn't it? Creepy or not - it happens.

For me it often happens at the gym. And sometimes on the bus. So, pretty much when I'm trapped somewhere.

Today it was a man on the treadmill in front of me. He was older - I would say in his seventies - and had the speed on the treadmill pretty slow, had some music rockin' in his headphones and was kind of dancing. It went something like:

step, step, step, knee
step, step, step, knee
step, knee, step, knee, etc.

Then there was some freestyling which I can't even begin to describe. It incorporated the arms a little more. I was so curious about this older man with the sweet treadmill moves that I couldn't stop watching.

And what I really wanted to know was what he was listening to.


Anonymous said...

oh naps!! lol! i wonder too.

Maria said...

I had a similar experience in Macey's back in Provo (okay, maybe not that similar, but entertaining nonetheless). I walked into an aisle just in time to see a guy in his 40's push his shopping cart and then slide his feet across the floor along with it (you know the kind of thing you do when you're ten?). It was really cute, for lack of a better word, especially because he didn't think that anyone saw him.