Wednesday, June 03, 2009

The Seattle Dog Incident

My SLC buddy Bryce was in town for a conference so Lindsay and I had the pleasure of his company for an evening. We ate some delicious food while sitting outside (three cheers for perfect weather!) and watched the crazies walk by, stopped by the beach, had a couple photo shoots and told some funny stories.
PS - This is what we looked like last year. I'd like to think the last 12 months have done our bodies good.

We went to my favorite park with an awesome view of the city for one of our photo shoots and as we were leaving the park, what Bryce has named "The Seattle Dog Incident", took place. Now let me just preface this by saying that it was 11pm, very dark, I hadn't seen anyone else in the park and was definitely not expecting any animals.

I turned around just in time to see a dog charging after me. In my mind the dog was in mid-air after lunging at me, while bearing his pearly white, sharp teeth and growling. So naturally I released the loudest, most sincere "We're all going to die!" scream that came from somewhere deep inside me. I was legitimately scream-scared. At the same time Lindsay sort of put her arm out to protect me and it should be noted that Bryce did nothing. He left me to be eaten by the dog.

As it turns out my scream scared the dog (and most likely half of Seattle) and he ran away, leaving me to be ridiculed by Lindsay and Bryce. I think Lindsay very nearly wet her pants she was laughing so hard. I will admit, after the initial shock of it all, I laughed pretty hard myself.

Despite my brush with death, it was the perfect evening. I mean, if every night could be like that, who wouldn't want to move to Seattle?


Lindsay Jane said...

Just reading about it again makes me laugh. Glad I did more to help then some silly boy.

Kitty said...

It makes me laugh too but brings back horrible memories of my dog attack while visiting teaching. I screamed so loud that all the neighbors came running. I jumped the porch railing rather than take the steps just two feet away. I had black and blue marks all down the backs of my legs but I don't know how. I had bruises on my arm from the dogs teeth. Terrifying!! I'm glad your scream scared him away!!

Sarah said...

Okay, this story totally made me laugh because I can SO picture it. And just so you know...5 days after having a baby, laughing hurts. ;)