Wednesday, September 09, 2009

What's Going On.

+I have a friend returning from two weeks in the wilderness (or a farm in Massachusetts, either way) where she's been without the internet (see what I mean about it being the wilderness?) and I received an email from her today mid-travel that expressed her hope that I had been blogging in her absence. Oopsy-daisy. Maybe this will make up for it.

+I've been OBSESSED with the US Open this year. To the point where I've been watching matches every day, following @usopen on Twitter, TIVOing matches I'm missing, checking the site for updates and even braving the treadmill (as opposed to my bestie the elliptical) so I can rock the personal TV screen and watch while I run.

And maybe I cried when Melanie Oudin won her 2nd AND 3rd matches. I was just so happy for her!

And I wish Nadal would play without a shirt on. Just thinking out loud here....

+I had good Labor Day weekend. Not quite all I had hoped it would be, but still a solid performance. Having two days off of work alone is enough to make it worth it.

+The weekend included making jam and seeing two chick flicks [Time Traveler's Wife and The Proposal]. Please don't judge me for seeing The Proposal three times in the theater. I can't help it if Ryan Reynolds is the DREAMIEST DREAMBOAT THAT EVER LIVED! I can't.

+The weekend also included a Brandi Carlile show. Bonus! This particular show was a fundraiser for the band's foundation, Looking Out, and included a Q&A session which I quite enjoyed.
She also only played fan requests that had been previously sent in. One of which was, Happy, which I've been dying to hear since I saw her perform in in Boise in 2007. I think it's in my BCB Top Three songs.
I know you think it should be getting old by now. I can assure you, it's not.

+I also got to hit up Bumbershoot, thanks to my fantastic roommate who had the ticket hook-up. It rained all weekend, but while I was there the rain held off, which I was super grateful for! I saw The Cave Singers, Lenka and Metric.

+The Cave Singers might be my new obsession. And I maybe developed a bizarre crush on the lead singer (on the left). I mean, he was wearing a hot pink hat, rocking a full beard and a dirty tank top...BIZZARE. CRUSH.
But apparently I can't resist a man with a harmonica.

+Metric exceeded my expectations. Let's just say there was an ample amount of fist-pumping. I've been singing Help I'm Alive non-stop for the past two days.

+Tonight at the gym I was watching the Federer/Soderling match while running and started clapping after a point. I made a mental note to try not to act crazy in public. Let's just save the crazy for at home, okay?

+I stopped by the grocery store tonight and was hit on by the checker, who I'm assuming is 18 years old. Really, Universe? The best you can do for me is 18 year old bag boys?

+I'm participating in the Alzheimer's Association Memory Walk on Saturday at Seattle Center. If you'd like to make a donation to support the Alzheimer's Association, you can do so on my personal donation page.

+Really, the event that I've been thinking about most these past few days is the arrival of my niece and nephew. A text message at 4am is just confusing no matter what the message is, but when it announces that the "babies are here" a couple months early, it's even harder to grasp.

They were born at 29 weeks and we've seen the power of prayer working on those tiny ones. And it amazes me how much love I feel for them without having met them.

Elizabeth with her daddy.
William holding his mommy's hand. Try and tell me this isn't the most adorable thing you've ever seen.
Please keep them in your prayers! They're just special little ones and my eyes well up every time I look at pictures of them.

+The adventures continue this weekend with WICKED on Friday. I'm going to try my hardest not to sing every word of every song, but I can't make any promises.


Annie said...

I think about william and elizabeth everyday too!!! They are definitely our miracle babies :)

Nat Attack said...

Busy busy!!! You sound happy and well. Your niece and nephew are adorable! Will keep them in my best thoughts and prayers. Best!

Sarah said...

Steph, they are so precious!! They will definitely be in my prayers! I have a friend who had preemie twinners that she named Elizabeth and William a few months ago.

Anonymous said...

i've already recorded those precious babies in my journal as "will" and "lizzy". can't wait to see them! in person!